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May 23, 2016

Tetragenetics and Theranyx Partner For Discove

Dec 15, 2015

Theranyx raised 400 k€

Aug 4, 2014

Theranyx published the Xray structure of 5HT3R

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Theranyx is a French biotech company founded in 2010 on a unique technology platform that has proved instrumental in the development of novel therapeutic solutions for the treatment of cancer.

The mission of Theranyx is to discover, develop and commercialize new antibody fragments, mainly targeting cancers, with an improved efficiency and a lower toxicity than the compounds currently available to patients.

As a proof of concept, Theranyx discovered 12 fully functional antibodies fragments, demonstrating an innovative pharmaceutical profile against two ion channels and two peptides receptors, for which patent applications have been submitted.

Receptor                 Catalogue

Our new catalogue is now online. Please follow the link below to browse online, or download our PDF catalogue.

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Membrane Protein X-ray Structure

As a fundamental aspect of computer-aided drug design, protein structure has become a standard tool of modern drug discovery process. Nevertheless membrane receptor structure resolution remains a challenging research project.

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Membrane receptor purification

Our membrane receptor purification expertise has been built on more than a decade of technology development. We are today in the position to overcome all the major bottlenecks.

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VHH, Camel antibody fragments

Image d'un VHH en 4 vue

VHHs also known as Therabodies are variable fragments of camelid single domain antibodies (sdAb). VHHs are obtained from PBMC of immunized llama or camel and offer superior properties than classical antibodies in many aspects

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Everything you need,
for receptor purification

Receptor Structure

Membrane Receptor X-Ray structure

Purified Receptors

Receptor Structure


Cell lines Catalogue

As a fundamental aspect of computer-aided drug design, the protein structure has become a standard tool of the modern drug discovery process. Nevertheless, membrane receptor structure resolution remains a challenging research project. Theranyx's original four-step approach to structure resolution enhances the chance of success, while a pay-by-results approach reduces the financial risk to clients.

Our structural studies are conducted in four steps:


5-HT3R structure in Nature

Receptor expression

Receptor expression is conducted in parallel in four cell types (HEK, CHO, Sf9, and S2) and two constructs in order to identify the most suitable format for large scale purification. The objective at this step is to reach an expression level compatible with the crystallisation screening, meaning mg/l yields. This step is charged only if an expression yield in excess of a million receptors per cell is achieved. The number of receptors is estimated by western blot and by radio ligand binding when available. The functionality of the target of interest will also be assessed by additional means where suitable (e.g. gene reporter, patch clamp, calcium release…) 

Receptor purification

Receptor purification starts with the screening of solubilisation conditions in detergents compatible with crystallisation conditions (with respect to size and homogeneity). The receptor monodispersity in detergent is assessed by analytical gel filtration. The receptor conformation integrity is also controlled using ligand binding assay (when available). When ligand binding properties are lost by the receptor in detergent, lipid vesicle reconstitution screening is performed to retrieve it. Large scale purification is conducted using the best solubilisation conditions to obtain mg quantities of receptor in monodisperse form. As an additional step, directed proteolysis can lead to the improvement of the monodispersity of the receptor.

Binders development

The availability of a strong affinity binder facilitates the structure resolution of membrane receptors in three ways: 1) it increases the polar surface of the receptor, thus enabling the formation of new crystal bonds while mitigating the problems of flexible loops; 2) it can stabilize the receptor in a single conformation, thus increasing the homogeneity of the sample; and 3) it can increase the solubility of the receptor, thus facilitating its purification.

Finally, the selection of binders may lead to the discovery of functional molecules that can be useful as pharmacological tools for target validation or even for therapeutic applications.

The selected binders are characterized to determine their affinity, potential functionality, induced improvement of receptor stability, solubility and monodispersity. This step is charged for only if binders with nanomolar range affinity are discovered.

X-ray structure resolution

Crystallization screenings are performed using both vapour diffusion and lipid cubic phase methods in the presence of the best selected binders or combinations of binders. The best crystal hits are optimized so that high resolution data can be collected at a synchrotron radiation facility. This step is charged for only when a high resolution structure can be obtained. 

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