VHH Discovery

VHH Discovery

VHH, Therabodies, Nanobodies, Single Domain Antibodies

VHHs, also known as Therabodies or Nanobodies, are variable fragments of camelid single domain antibodies (sdAb). VHHs are obtained from PBMC of immunized llama or camel and offer superior properties than classical antibodies in many aspects :


As a compact immunoglobulin domain of 12-15kDa,Therabodies™ offer better solubility, and therefore higher tissue penetration, than classical antibodies.


No need for a costly mammalian system for VHH expression, as it can be well expressed in E. Coli.

Epitope diversity

Camel antibodies are known to recognise a very large epitope diversity as compared to mouse antibodies.

High affinity

Average affinity of VHHs is evaluated to be in the nanomolar range in their monovalent form. Therefore picomolar affinity can frequently be reached when VHH are expressed in multimeric forms.

Low immunogenicity

VHHs sequence is close to human immunoglobulin and does not need any humanisation process to display a very low immunogenic response when injected in patients.


As single domain fragments, VHHs are better shaped to target cavities and therefore induce a functional response when binding to their targeted antigen.

Theranyx offers state-of-the-art VHH selection services including animal immunisation, phage library synthesis, antibody fragment selection, expression/purification of ELISA positive clones, with eventual functional characterisation.

We only need 1-2 mg of purified antigen to deliver a synthetized library, ELISA positive clones and purified sequence confirmed monoclonal VHHs within 3 months.

Theranyx only charges in case of successful delivery and is not retaining any intellectual property on the discovered antibody fragments.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a more in-depth discussion on your VHH discovery needs