Purified Receptors

Purified Receptors

Pure Membrane Receptor in Native State

Our membrane receptor purification expertise has been built on more than a decade of technology development. We are today in the position to overcome all the major bottlenecks of membrane receptor purification in native state.

Membrane receptor purification

Purification of membrane proteins in a functional state remains risky and challenging. As a result, ready-to-use purified receptors are not generally available as fully characterised products. Theranyx is today in a position to propose batches of active receptors according to our catalogue, which should strongly enhance the possibilities of studying this important class of drug targets. 

Our products intend to aid researchers in a more diverse and precise characterization of receptor interaction with chemical compounds, natural extracts, peptides and proteins.

Theranyx also proposes custom fee-for-service membrane receptor purification of any target of interest for your research activity. To reach expression yield compatible with receptor purification, our company is conducting parallel expression in four different cell lines (HEK, CHO, Sf9 and S2) using two alternative constructs. Our researchers pay a particular attention to the functionality of the expressed receptor. Purification is conducted after screening solubilisation conditions to reach optimal receptor integrity and monodispersity.

What can you use our purified receptors for ?

It is our intention over the upcoming years to be able to propose an exhaustive collection of purified receptors as ready-to-use product, with potential application in the following:

  • Electrophysiology on planar lipid bilayers.
  • Patch clamp electrophysiology on reconstituted vesicle.
  • Antibody/binder/peptide selection by phage display (or other display approaches)
  • DNA labelled chemical library screening
  • Immunisation
  • Binding experiment by SPR
  • Binding experiment by Thermophorese
  • Pull down assays
  • Radio or fluorescent ligand binding
  • Electro-microscopy
  • Native Gel
  • Analytical gel filtration
  • Thermo calorimetric measurement
  • 2D/3D crystallisation and structure resolution
  • NMR spectra (small molecule screening)
  • Mass spectrometry (small molecule screening, epitope mapping)
  • Western blot