Our team has developed a robust platform for the preparation of purified, stabilized and functional membrane proteins facilitating the development of novel therapeutic molecules. Our platform enables us to engineer and purify membrane receptors in stable and functional conformations that retain their drug-binding characteristics.

Our approach will promote contemporary drug discovery through the application of biophysical analysis of ligand-receptor interactions, crystallization and structure-based design for ion channels and other membrane receptors. In addition to its receptor expression/purification platform, Theranyx develops wide-ranging and compact binder libraries with various properties capable of competing with human antibodies for strategic binding sites involved in the modulation of membrane protein function. This unique approach is expected to radically improve the chances of developing safe and highly selective therapeutics.

Purified Receptors

Our membrane receptor purification expertise has been built on more than a decade of technology development. We...
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Receptor Structure

As a fundamental aspect of computer-aided drug design, the protein structure has become a standard tool of the...
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VHH Discovery

Image d'un VHH en 4 vue
VHHs, also known as Therabodies or Nanobodies, are variable fragments of camelid single domain antibodies (sdAb)....
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Receptor Catalogue

Theranyx’s inducible stable cell lines proposed in our catalogue offer many advantages
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