Commissariat à l'énergie atomique

The Molecular Engineering of Proteins unit (SIMOPRO) is a specialist in protein engineering by chemical and genetic approaches.

Institute of Biology and Technology, Saclay

The IBITECS has the will to couple scientific excellence and technology development. The Institute is then attached to the establishment of strong industrial partnerships in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology domains, while maintaining excellence in fundamental research in line with CEA's strategic priorities. The Institute brings together fifty teams of biologists, biophysicists and chemists - about 450 people in total - to conduct both basic and targeted research projects. All these activities revolve around the following areas: 

Therapeutic innovation
Life molecular and cellular mechanisms

Within the IBITECS, Theranyx is collaborating with a team directed by Dr. Vincent Dive on two projects:

  • The development of a new treatment on a protein target involved in arteriosclerosis.
  • Research into alternative screening technologies to the phage-display approach.