Our partners

Theranyx purifies receptors with the aim of generating functional and conformational antibodies.

Additional applications can be conducted on purified receptors including:

• Electron microscopy
• Nuclear magnetic resonance
• X-ray structure determination
• Display methods for binder/peptide/chemical library screening
• SPR experiments

Theranyx is interested in establishing collaborative agreements with academic and private research teams for any of the above listed applications. We are also looking forward to collaborating with companies providing purified antigens and wishing to develop functional antibody fragments for therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications.

Theranyx has already established agreements with various research teams for the selection and characterization of binders, surface plasmon resonance, electron microscopy, antibody selection and screening of DNA-labeled chemical compound libraries.


The Molecular Engineering of Proteins unit (SIMOPRO) is a specialist in protein engineering by chemical and...
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Tetragenetics and Theranyx Partner For Discovery and Development of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
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Your team!

Current Theranyx collaborators include experts in membrane receptor expression and purification, binder's library...
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