Our Team

Our Team

Overcoming challenges

Theranyx is led by a team of complementary co-founders with successful experience of biotech management.

Chief Executive Officer

Nabil Chabane as a co-founder and CEO of Theranyx, Nabil is in charge of the general conduct of the business and of the academic, industrial and commercial partnerships. Nabil had already successful experience with respect to startups, first through the creation of a software distribution company in Japan in the 1990s, and later with the establishment of Bio-Central in 1998 as a leading CRO provider to the pharmaceutical industry. He also developed an innovative structural genomics program on membrane proteins, in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, gaining financial backing from several of the major global pharmaceutical companies.

Chief Scientific Officer

Gherici Hassaine: graduated from the University of Marseille, France, in 2001, with a Ph.D. in molecular biology. In the same year, Gherici joined Bio-Xtal, where he was responsible for the scientific development program, as well as leading the scientific aspects of a structural genomics collaboration with the University of Strasbourg (see above) started by Etienne. Gherici has previously worked at a biotechnology company, based in Switzerland, during which time he worked on the detection of cancer micro-cells. He joined Theranyx in 2012 as its CSO and has been since instrumental in the development of the platform and the recent discoveries of functional antibodies by the company.

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent L’Hermite: Vincent is a co-founder of Theranyx as well as its COO. He already has a successful experience as COO of Bio-Xtal before assuming the same position at Theranyx. He notably took care of the set-up of all Bio-Xtal and Theranyx facilities as well as the management of all the financial and administrative tasks of both companies.