Theranyx is a profitable, privately-held company, controlled by its founders

Theranyx,  a leading, privately-held, drug discovery company based in Marseille (Fr), is involved in the generation of functional antibody fragments, named Therabodies™, that target integral membrane receptors such as GPCRs and ion channels. The applications of Therabodies™ include target validation, diagnostics, therapeutic use and antibody drug conjugate (ADC). Theranyx business model includes both shared risk collaborations with biotech and pharma leaders and internal pipeline development on novel targets in cancer indications.

Theranyx has mandated the investment firm Savile Capital for securing a first A series of fund raising in 2016.

Savile Capital is a multi-family office and investment firm based in Luxembourg that is dedicated to entrepreneurs and innovation. Savile Capital aims at connecting smart investors and innovative entrepreneurs to leverage value. Its ecosystem of high-end skills and break-through expertise provides their clients the ideal vector to drive and deploy their professional and private assets. Their areas of services is comprised of three interdependent pillars : Family Office, Advisory and Investment.

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